What Do You Mean, Semi-Permanent? // strukture.studio

Microblading is often referred to as a semi-permanent procedure... but what does this really mean?

The term was coined to distinguish microblading (and other manual cosmetic tattooing procedures) from the permanence of traditional tattooing.

There are two major differences:

1.) Microblading is performed with pigments, not inks like traditional tattooing. We use Li pigments, which are chemically formulated to fade beautifully and evenly (they won't go pink or green).

2.) Microblading implants far less pigment in the skin than typical tattooing. Because we are only placing pigment in each hairstroke, rather than filling the entire area.

For both of these reasons, microblading typically lasts 12-18 months. After this, most clients will need a Color Boost to refresh the look of their tattoos. Eventually, most clients will find their tattoo has faded away and is no longer visible. However, there will likely always be pigment molecules buried in the skin. 

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Katharine Harding