TLDR; Wear. Sunscreen.

You know when you see an old bumper sticker, and half of it has faded away from the years it's spent out in the sun? That's because the sun bleaches pigment!

This is incredibly important for brows. 

We use Li Pigments for a number of reasons. BUT one of the main reasons is the way they formulate their pigments to react to sun exposure. (We're about to get into the combination of science + art that is the basis of my love of permanent makeup. So get ready!)

Remember when you first mixed a bunch of paint colors together? Blue + Yellow made Green, and Blue + Red made Purple. Those were gorgeous! Then you got a little too mix-happy and ended up with a muddled Brown, right?

Well, all brow pigments are going to be some shade of brown. It might be a very light ashy brown for blondes, and it might be a very dark rich brown, but they are all brown.

To get this brown, we need to mix different ratios of reds and greens and yellows. We also want that beautiful color that we carefully selected for you to stay that same color over time. We've all seen old brow tattoos that have turned blue/green or pink/red.

Li takes each colorant, exposes them to sunlight, and records how quickly they fade away. Then they give each colorant a ranking from 1 (fades quickly) to 10 (lasts a long time.) This is known as the Light Fastness Scale. Then when they are creating a pigment, they make sure that all the colorants they use have a similar Light Fast ranking, so that they will fade at the same rate.

This means that with time, your brows will fade to a lighter, softer version of the same color. No green eyebrows here!

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