Is microblading an option for men?

Answer: YES!

I absolutely LOVE working on male brows. Microblading is an excellent option because it mimics the look of hair, not the look of makeup.

Here are the most important factors in making microblading look as natural as possible:

  1. Proper color matching. I custom-blend pigment for each client. We are (almost) always trying to match your natural brow hair color. This way the “fake hair” and real hair will blend together and you won’t be able to differentiate between the two. (The only exception to this is if you have naturally very light brows, like me! If your hair is see-through blonde we will use a darker color to give your brows the visual impact you’re looking for.

  2. Stroke pattern. Similar to color, the direction and patter of how we place the individual strokes in the skin is critical in achieving THE BLEND. Everyone’s brow hair has a natural growth pattern. Take a good look at your brows — some of the hair probably grows upwards, some sideways, and some downward. Each microbladed stroke needs to be placed in the same direction as the hairs nearby to ensure you don’t end up with “hashtag brows.”

  3. Shaping. Now this is where (typically) we have the biggest difference between a masculine and feminine eyebrow. Masculine eyebrows are more imperfect, with much less definition. We leave all of your stray hairs and achieve shape change by adding visual impact in particular areas. We don’t want anything too “done.”

Let’s take a look at some #guybrows transformations!

case study no.1

This client always had gappy brows with no real shape. We worked together to decide on a stronger brow. In the first photo, you will see a little redness to the strokes, as this is immediately after the first session. The second photo is a detail shot showing healed results after the first session, before the touchup.


client no.2

Over time, this client had started to lose fullness, particularly through his tails. We carefully feathered in strokes to give a completely natural looking result!


client no.3

This client had a high-low brow situation, where his left brow sat higher than his right. (This is incredibly common!) He wanted to even them out while maintaining a straighter, more masculine arch. Brow goals achieved!


Brows need to be custom-tailored to YOU to feel like yours. If you’re ready for a change, book your appointment today!

Katharine Harding