this is one of our most frequently asked questions


The short answer is: it depends.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Everyone has different sensitivity to numbing agents. And everyone is used to different levels of discomfort for certain beauty procedures.


our motto: a numb client is a happy client

We use two different types of numbing to ensure your comfort. We don't want you to be in any sort of pain or discomfort - we like you! Also your facial expressions will give you away, and make it hard for us to do our job. Unlike some traditional body tattoos, pain isn't "part of it." And if at any point you need more numbing or a break, please just let us know.


Pain free microblading in Redwood City, CA

We always start off with Zensa, a topical 5% lidocaine cream. We cover this with plastic wrap and let it sit for 20 minutes before we continue with the procedure. During the procedure, we use an additional anesthetic that contains lidocaine, tetracaine, and epinephrine to continue the numbing process. The epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor, which also limits the (already minimal) bleeding.


→ We have clients fall asleep all the time.


if you're worried, here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I typically have a high pain tolerance? 

If you answered yes, you shouldn't have a problem.

2. am i used to getting waxes, threading, botox, or laser treatments?

If you're a regular waxer or you know your way around a filler needle, you should be completely prepared for permanent makeup.

3. at the dentist, do i typically need to ask for extra numbing?

If you need more numbing at the dentist, you may have a lower pain threshold. This is often the case for redheads.


Have any more questions? Please contact us! Or go ahead and schedule a consultation.


Katharine Harding