6 Things to Look for in your Microblading Artist / strukture.studio

We're big fans of microblading around here (obviously.) But we're even BIGGER fans of HAPPY CLIENTS.

So we want to do everything we can to make sure that includes you!

No matter where you go, there are 6 big questions to ask before you go under the blade...

1. Are they licensed?

This is critical. In almost every state, you need a tattoo license to perform this procedure. If your technician doesn't have a license, they are not operating legally. This should be a red flag.. what other laws aren't they following?

2. Are they certified?

Training requirements differ by state, but you should look for a technician who has specific microblading training. This is a different technique than traditional permanent makeup. Many great technicians have traditional permanent makeup training, but be sure to look for microblading specific training.

3. Do they listen to you? (Up until a point?)

You are the client and your technician should look to you for shape and color approval. In fact, you should sign off on design and color before the procedure begins. However, this is a double-edged sword. Your technician is an artist, and they should refuse to do anything that is dangerous, won't heal well, or isn't aesthetically appropriate.

4. Are they open and honest?

A good technician should answer all of your questions, show you the tools and pigments they use, and be transparent about their training, experience, certifications, and licensing. If you sense something is wrong, trust your gut. This is your face! (Of course, keep in mind that good technicians are often busy. Don't expect 24/7 availability to answer questions!)

5. Do they have happy client reviews?

Happy clients leave happy reviews. These should be your indicators. Make sure that the entire process is well-reviewed, including appointments AND results.

6. Do they have before & afters?

Microblading combines both science and art, and every technician as their own unique style. That's part of the beauty of this industry! You should like your technician's style, as evident by the before & after photos they have of clients. If someone does very sculpted brows and you're looking for a super natural look, perhaps look elsewhere. 

Those are 6 main things you should look for in your search for your microblading artist. Overall, make sure you feel comfortable! This is your face, after all! It's not the best time to try to find a deal, or make compromises.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to answer anything!

And of course, if you're ready...

Katharine Harding